How much does cost a bachelor or bachelorette party?

Always depend on the number of people and activities that you wanna make, around 100€ -150€ is enough to have lunch, activity, dinner show and VIP area in the club.

What services do you have?

Practically everything you want to order !!!

Meals and dinners with free bar, afternoon with free bar of cubas and chupieria, VIP areas, buses, microbus, taxi, accommodation, players, drag queen, actors and actresses infiltrated, risoterápia, karaoke, kayak ... Boat parties, private catamaran, services of makeup, catering ... And if you want something that we have not listed, we get it !!!

How do I pay my bachelor or bachelorette party?

Payments will be made by paypal, bank transfer or cash.

Depending on the contracted options, you need to make a deposit to confirm the reservation, which is deducted from the total.

Can we ask quote and personalized?

Of course, we always call our customers before start making a budget, to know all the needs and ideas, date of event, budget, etc ... And then, we make several proposals and suggestions without compromise.

Is there a guide available?

For adventure activities / entertainment whenever you shall count with one or multiple monitors, either our own staff or from partner companies, if you need a companion (male or female) to entertain visiting Dénia, to meet the corners of the town, liveliest areas, tapas bars, beaches, etc ... we can also offer this possibility.