NEW 2016 Bubble Football - From 22,50€/Personmore details

Bubble football is a new activity that arrives to Jávea this summer 2016, and it's known in Spain since a little more than a year and it's gaining followers everyday. In this game there are a lot of contact, it is played in 4vs4 or 5vs5 teams with very few rules, because whatever you do you will not gonna get hurt, try it!bubble football despedida de soltero javea bubble football despedida de soltero javea

NEW 2018 Duelo de Arqueros - Archery Tag - From 22,50€/Person more details

Archery tag is a very new activity that arrives at Dénia this spring of 2018 exclusively from our company, existing this activity only in other 4 Spanish cities, Madrid, Barcelona, Mallorca and Elche, it has arrived at our country a year and a half ago and step by stpe it is gaining followers. This activity is a combat game by teams, such as airsoft or paintball, in which the enemy is hit with arrows with EVA rubber tip, being practically painless, you can play in a swimsuit, with only a protective mask, without worry about the heat, if you love paintball, do not hesitate to try this fun alternative.

archery tag duelo de arqueros bachelor and bachelorette party javea archery tag duelo de arqueros bachelor and bachelorette party javea

Paintball - From 20€/Personmore details

If you've already used the paintball you know what great fun it is, you run, you hide, shoot, and also because you have teams, makes the game very competitive and fun. And if you have not even tried, dare now, no better time than in a bachelor party!

paintball despedida de soltero javea paintball despedida de soltero javea

Karting - From 45€/Personmore details

If you like speed and competitiveness bets on a karting, a favorite when do bachelor parties, adrenaline flowing at full speed on our track pastimes.

kart despedida de soltero javea kart despedida de soltero javea

Tuppersex - From 10€/Personmore details

If you are looking for a hot meeting for your bachelor or bachelorette party we have what you are looking for, we organize tuppersex meetings for both men, women and gays. We move to any restaurant, local or apartment. 50% of the price of the session is reserved for the gift you want to take for the groom/bride

tuppersex session javea tuppersex session javea

NEW 2018 Scape room - From 15€/Person more details

If you are a geek of video games, you think you have a brilliant mind or you simply like challenges, logic games and be the winner, no doubt your activity is this.

One of the most innovative activities of the moment, in full growth and expansion, you have not yet tried it? Come and face one of our 2 scape rooms, middle level or advanced level, you choose!.

scape room bachelor bachelorette party javea scape room bachelor bachelorette party javea

Spa, massages and beauty treatment - From 20€/Person more details

If you're looking for a more relaxed bachelor or bachelorette party, book you spa visit in one of the best hotels from the mediterranean sea, and enjoy the company from your friends in an outside jacuzzi or an inside warm pool, the best option for relax

imagen spa para despedida de soltera imagen spa para despedida de soltera

Kayak route, snorkel and walk through creeks - From 50€/Person more details

If you want to enjoy the sea, Jávea is undoubtedly one of the great tourist referents by wide beaches and the large number of existing creeks, both in Jávea and surrounding cities connected by sea. Discover the most interesting places hidden in the white coast and that few people know, our monitors will accompany you and guide you at all times so that you do not miss any of the corners that hide in the bays of our coast.

imagen ruta kayak javea imagen ruta snorkel javea

Video games and Karaoke in a gigant screen - From 180€/1,5 hours more details

Are you fanatics of video games or karaoke and you want to fill part of your bachelor party in Jávea playing and singing on a big screen?

We will assemble everything for you to enjoy an afternoon with video game or karaoke on a huge screen thanks to our projector.

Sesion karaoke bachelorette party denia Videogames giant screen bachelor party denia

NEW 2017 Laughter Therapy - From 130€/1 hour more details

Do you want to try something different in your bachelorette party in Jávea?

Do we all like to laugh but few have tested a laughter therapy session...

Go ahead and give it a different touch to your bachelorette party with a laughter therapy session, nothing better to relax and have a good time.

Sesion risoterapia despedida de soltera en javea Sesion risoterapia despedida de soltera en javea

Special sound equipment and dj - From 150€/3,5 hours more details

If you have thought to throw a party in your house and you need a person in charge of music this choice is yours.

We bring our musical equipment to your house, with mixer and everything you need to make the neighbors can not sleep, do your own club for your bachelor party in Jávea

Discomovil para despedida de soltero y soltera en javea Discomovil para despedida de soltero y soltera en javea