Bubble football is the newest activity to give a different touch to your bachelor or bachelorette party; It is a form of football in which players participate inside a giant bubble of transparent plastic, with which they can hit, roll, tumble or fall without fear to get hurt since the bubble absorbs every blow.

To play there is no particular rule, beyond common sense rules, you can hit your opponent against bubble bubble, obviously you can not knock your legs are exposed, or kicking another bubble.

Game times are much shorter than those of a normal game, about 2 parts 5-7 minutes with a break of 2-3 minutes between.

There are also a lot of minigame to not get bored, like sumo, rugby, survive...

The playing fields can be inside or outside, with natural or artificial grass, wood flooring, synthetic rubber, snow or sand, as the bubbles are sensitive to friction against the ground and soil causing much friction could scorch the plastic and break it.

It is a fun sport that can enjoy both men and women, be encouraged to try something different in your bachelor party and rush adrenaline!

bubble football marina alta bubble football marina alta

bubble football marina alta bubble football marina alta